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We sell quality hand-painted oil paintings with frames or stretch bar for homes, offices, restaurants, etc. Our collection of famous works of art from the classics like Leonardo Da Vinci and Claude Monet, to more contemporary oil paintings including Van Gogh, Renoir, Gauguin, Gustav Klimt ... etc.  We have good selection of abstract, animal, religious, still life, flower and landscape oil painting that are available in our collection. All of our paintings are hand-painted in oil on real canvas with highest quality materials.

Paintings of artist Dr. Awatif Kamal
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Paintings of artist Moosa Ramadhan
Batik painting is a painting made by process of using wax and dye. Every batik artist has its own theme such as landscapes, fish, butterfly, girl, etc.
Our unique art tiles are very colorful, vivid and slightly raised relief. They are hand crafted and hand painted by highly skilled crafts people with a talent handed. The artistic process is extremely labor intensive. The image is drawn, relief work meticulously applied, followed by several layers of glazing that enrich the textures and vibrant the colors.The tiles are then fired in kilns for 24 hours at temperature reaching 1000 degree.

The printing Stone is one kind of polished natural Metamorphic Rocks specially designed for printing. It is perfect for decoration at home and office a best choice as gift for friends as well.

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